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About Us

Under The Rose ... (Sub-Rosa) denotes, secrecy & confidentiality.

Over the years, we have handled hundreds of cases for adoptees, law firms, private citizens, bail professionals, and major corporations, providing them the information and needed evidence. From workers compensation fraud to bail fugitives on to divorce and adoption cases, our team has proven worthy of your trust.

Our Team

We will uncover the truth... 

In a perfect world, honesty, fraud and deception would not exist. 

Unfortunately, in this world, it does.

Not everyone plays nice, or tells the truth. Some people prey on, and take advantage of others. 

Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to seek outside investigative services.

We love to help people like you balance the scales of truth and justice. 

*     CA PI # 187867

*     30 + Years of Investigative Service


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Our Strategy

We are non-judgmental.

Contact us for a confidential free consultation today.

We strive to be the best at what we do.

There is no case that is too small, or too large.

We will provide you with the personal commincation and peace of mind that you deserve.