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Investigative Services & Consulting

Over 28 years of experience in Civil Litigation Investigation, Penal Code Section 1299 Compliant Fugitive Recovery Agent, Bail GPS Tracking, Asset Location, Surveillance, Consulting, Family / Adoption Locations and Family issues.  Experience that you can trust. 

Service Name

* Criminal Defense Investigations

* Civil Investigations

* Personal Injury

* Product Liability

* Witness Locations & Interviews

* Scene Investigations

Service Name

*Domestic Investigations

* Custody Fitness Investigations

* Spousal Investigations

* Background Investigations

* Surveillance

* Sexual Allegation Investigations 

Service Name

* Asset Recovery

* Defense Strategy

* Elder Abuse

* Background Investigations 

* Missing Person - Fugitive Location

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Dedicated to providing clients with honest, and truthful investigative services. However, simply digging up information and tracking people down is not all that we do. A lot more goes into being a respected and sought after detective agency. As things go we are absolutely one of the top professionals in the industry. 

Under The Rose Investigations

CA PI License No. 187867


[email protected]